e-STAFF Professions

  • Software Architecture & Development
  • Database Design & Administration
  • Web Development, Design & UX
  • Network Engineering & Support
  • ERP & Analysis
  • Software QA, Analysis & Support

About e-STAFF

e-STAFF Consulting Group, Inc. tirelessly works to make your life better. We provide superior career opportunities to align talent with desirable employers. Pairing quality employers with quality employees, allowing both parties to thrive, is what we do best. What can we do for you?

Hot Jobs

System Administrator

e-STAFF is seeking a System Administrator for a client northeast of Pittsburgh.  It is a direct hire opportunity with a max salary of 70k, depending on experience.  Responsibilities include ...

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Senior System Architect

e-STAFF Consulting is seeking a Senior System Architect for a company central to Pittsburgh.    As the lead, you will architect the next generation messaging service to achieve a global...

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Back-end Developer

e-STAFF is seeking a back-end developer for a client central to Pittsburgh whom will functionally program and debug a service to maintain its creativity and innovativeness.  A qualified candidate...

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Web Developer

e-STAFF is seeking a Web Developer for a client south of Pittsburgh.  Must have strong C#, RAZOR, and T-SQL skills to design, code and modify websites from layout to function with user-...

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Software Engineer

e-Staff Consulting is seeking a Software Engineer for a client who is located central to Pittsburgh.   Experience/Technical Skills: 7-10 years software development experience Must have stron...

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Front-end Developer

e-Staff Consulting is seeking an experienced Front-end developer for a firm central to Pittsburgh. You will work closely with other front-end developers, UX designers, and product managers &mdash...

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iOS Developer

e-Staff's client who is central tp Pittsburgh is looking for a well-rounded iOS Mobile Developer that is familiar with the growing mobile landscape and desires to contribute in a fast-paced a...

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e-STAFF Testimonials

I feel very lucky to have met my e-STAFF recruiters. From the interaction I had with them, it was clear that e-STAFF’s goal is to make your life easier. They have been remarkable to work with – anytime I have a question or problem they are on top of it right away, and I usually have an answer or resolution within minutes. It’s very clear that they truly care about people and their career. Their sincerity is contagious. Thanks again for all you do!!


e-STAFF Statistics

Staffing Service Placement at an All-Time High

Temporary and contract staffing services create more opportunity than ever and are on a steady upward increase, with sales jumping 6.6% to $104.8 Billion in 2012.

When You're In, You're In

In 2012, Employment Turnover Decreased to 294% for employees being sourced from a staffing agency. Staffing services are providing job security like never before.

What Recession?

During a recession, companies look to staffing agencies more! Opportunities through staffing agencies have grown 32% since 2009.

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